I - Diverses images montrant la confiance

Vocabulaire descriptif - L’enseignant trouvera les ressources adéquates.

Notion autour de confiance, méfiance, prise de risque, danger…

II- Une vidéo sur les croyances des Américains « belief »

III- Une enquête de « Gallup » autour de la notion de « born again »

- Copyright © 2011 Gallup, Inc. All rights reserved.

IV- Une recherche internet sur le phénomène des « mega church » en amérique

  Le site de Willow creek
  Le site de Hillsong

V- Un poème de John Keats : Trust ?v=ILGfiRXJ-qM

For you to trust me and me to trust you,
you have to accept me and I have to accept you
the way I am and the way you are,
fully seen and deeply known,
with no need of apology –
with my body imperfections and with yours,
with my character shortcomings and yours, too….
for you are a sacred gift to me
and I am a sacred gift to you,
and gifts are to be gratefully accepted
and heartily enjoyed,
but only if you trust me and I trust you,
can we let ourselves be ourselves
and forget real or unreal barriers,
conventions or inhibitions,
as to profoundly enjoy
what we’ve been granted :
you – the gift of me,
me – the gift of you,
as deeply as our inner worlds
can take us in,
with trust
and joy.


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